2nd day

Today we have done a lot of things starting at 9:30 when we were at the school. When we were all together we entered to the school to realise a test for measuring our level, later we did an orientation tour and they told us some information about this village called Worthing. When we finished the tour we did a Town quiz that it consists to ask the people that were near about some questions about worthing.
Later we returned to the school to start our lessons, and when we arrived they separated us in two groups. The lessons, which duration was approximately two hours were gunny and dynamic and they were separated in 2 different classes and different teachers ( Matt & Trevor ) separated by brake that everybody was together and suddenly students from other schools came in but we had to return to the classes so we didn’t have much time to start a conversation and when we finished the school we returned with our families that werwaiting in their homes…


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