5th day

At 9 a.m in the morning we went to the train station where we all met with the rest of the group. There, we took the train to Brighton which was 30 minutes long.
We arrived to Brighton and we went to the Clock Tower, there we had 20 minutes to buy coffe, souvenirs... and look around. After that we walked through the town and arrived to the Peer , where there was an amusement park.
Therefore we went to the Royal Pavilion where there was a guided tour with strange phones. Then we split and some students decided to go shopping to the centre, some to the Peer and some stayed in the Pavilion to continue listening the tour.
Finally we took the train and went into the school where we did some final activities such as the presentations of the questions that we made in the centre of Worthing on the last two days and aldo a Kahoot.
It was a funny and enjoying day, and to end this fantastic day we are all hanging out to create a special goodbye to leave this incredible place.


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